The online training is designed to be viewed on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Because the training is video-based, a strong internet connection is highly recommended. Communication is through email so a regularly viewed email account is required. Some modules also have a resource section that will include downloadable and printable documents that can complement the training. Trainees should know how to download documents.

Set aside about 4 hours per week for videos, reading manual and completing quizzes. At this rate training will be completed in 14 weeks. However, training is self-paced and trainees can take classes (modules) in any order and do as many as they can in one week once they have completed the Introduction. Completion deadline is about 14 weeks after training begins.

To become a University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener and before you can register for online training you must contact your local University of Illinois Extension office to be accepted into their local program. http://extension.illinois.edu

Perhaps. If you live outside IL part of the year but live in Illinois during the growing season, you will likely have an opportunity to fulfill the required volunteer hours at local University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener projects. If this is not the case, please contact the Master Gardener program in your state by clicking here. https://www.extension.org/

Once training is completed, and to become a certified Master Gardener, it’s time to apply your fresh knowledge as you volunteer at least 60 hours within two years in your community project internship through your local University of Illinois Extension program.

No. Certification as a University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener requires not only the training, but also 60 hours devoted to volunteer internship in local University of Illinois Extension projects. If you are not able to fulfill the internship within 2 years of taking training then the non-volunteer online course is the best option.